I love because I'm loved

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Oh, how I'd tried to love You Lord

In deed, in word, in praise,

But all had failed to satisfy

Until You'd changed my ways


You'd told me I must drop it all

My efforts won't suffice

Then face Your love, with an empty soul

That's stripped of all disguise


With love, that cannot be described

By any words of men

You'd filled my soul, erased my fears

Each longing satisfied


And in my heart as a response

There rose a tidal wave

Of passion I could not control

For God who longs to save


I see now love comes not from me

It only passes through

You're the beginning and the end

Of all the love that's true


We can do nothing without You

No need to plead or fuss

We're only able to love You

Because You first loved us.


Thank You!!!


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