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After a fire caused by our landlord's carelessness all 6 of us were left in a house with 2 usable bedrooms, but no heat this February. Due to the cold wave that hit France this year, the situation was tough. I was sure that at some moment I will loose it and freak out. I surely would have, but Jesus was as close as ever and still is. 



I woke up this morning

The world was so cold

But Your touch had caused

A small flame to unfold

Within me my heart

Was no longer as ice

In fact against all odds

It felt kind of nice

Then we talked a bit

While You held me close

Your words warmed me up

From head to the toes

Your flame in my heart

Produced spark of hope

I knew then there's nothing

With what I can't cope

No matter discomfort

No matter the cold

No matter how many “can't help”

I'll be told

I know it is You who directs my life

The victory's ours no matter the strife



Just for an update, we had found a beautiful new furnished house. So that you can realize how much of a miracle it was, here are some facts:

1. We didn't ask to rent our new house, the landlady proposed it.

2. She had lowered the rent on the spot, when we had told her our budget.

3. The house is in the center of town, but we still have a big garden and a small pool.

4. We only had two-three days of actual cold (-5C) to bear in our old house, because the temperatures started going up the next day after I wrote that poem.

5. Many friends helped us with the move and in other ways. Thank you all! You are all a miracle in otherwise cold and indifferent world.


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Susan 02/24/2012 18:31

Fanatastic Blog Sarah!!!
Amen! & youve' got the house for the 15th next mth.Great news. GBY WPFY!
Love & P.
Sue & Peter 02/24/2012 19:25

God's ways are truly wondrous and mysterious. He just doesn't stop to amaze me.