The valley of the shadow of death

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It used to be my dwelling place

This valley of the shadows bare

Where light had never touched my face

And death seemed sweet and fare


What do we live for but to die

Why keep on struggling so, I thought

I won't pretend, won't live a lie

Or ignore all and take a coward's road.


I even liked my deadly gloom

It seemed as an honest friend to me

Who rids me from the life that's doomed

The liar that it was, I didn't see


One day the Truth had crossed my path

And gloom scurried away, in fear

Alone I stood and saw within His eyes

My Life and Way, and Love the most sincere


The world's turned right side up, perspective's changed

The happiness' no longer dream to me

I know I am no accident, He proved me so

I'm living now the joy that life can be


It happens that I pass near by the valley

And gloom comes closer calling me again

But tears I cry, they serve to praise Him only

Thank God, I'm never going back to all that pain


My friend, depression is no friend to you

Though it may seem more safe then life itself

Reach out in the fog, call out His name

That Jesus saves, you will then know yourself

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