So glad

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I am so glad I need not fight for place under the sun

For my Creator thought of that – I have already one


I live within this hallowed place, where evil has no sway

His loving touch makes bad turn good in a amazing way


Life me reminds of treasure hunt, when Jesus is in control

If I'm adventurous enough I hope to find them all


All real danger, death and dread He faced for me and tamed

Now my fighting chance is very good, if I just dare to game


The best is that none needs to loose for me to win my prize

I can afford to love all men and to my foes be nice


And when the trying times do come knocking at my door

I cannot say “my faith is blind”, at least not anymore


Sweet Jesus taught my faith to see, I know His saving power

Time after time it came through for me even in darkest hour


When quest is done and treasure's won I think no more of trial

I realize He's proud of me and that's more than worth my while.

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